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Indoor Soccer Shoes Guide

What parents need to know about indoor soccer shoes

Indoor Shoes Buyers Guide

If you’ve ever counted all the shoes your kids need for all the sports they play, you’ve probably asked yourself “why” before you got to the last pair. Why can’t they get by with just a pair of tennis shoes? Maybe at some point in the future we’ll have a one-shoe-fits-all solution for various activities and sports, but until then your closet will remain full of shoes. This is because some sports actually require several pairs of shoes.

There is, believe it or not, a method to this madness.

Take, for example, soccer shoes. Indoor soccer shoes are completely different from outdoor soccer shoes, and for good reason.

The most apparent difference is in the lack of cleats. While cleats are instrumental in helping players maneuver on grassy fields, they don’t work so well on artificial turf. On a gym floor, they are just plain clumsy.

Indoor soccer shoes come in two main types. The first we’ll look at is the Futsal-style soccer shoe. “Futsal” can be translated to something like “room football,” which is appropriate since it is essentially a five-on-five soccer game played indoors. These shoes are extremely lightweight and designed for fast play on gym floors. The rubber soles usually have a gummy quality to prevent slipping and allow for fast maneuvering.

The other type of indoor shoe is known as a turf cleat. These shoes have smaller teeth than normal cleats — in fact, it’d be more accurate to call them nubs. Designed to help players keep their balance, make turns and stop without sliding, these nubs provide a secure point of contact on the often slippery surface of artificial turf.

The reason for having three different types of soccer shoes — outdoor cleats, Futsal and turf cleats — is because people play soccer on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. So if your kid asks for a new pair of soccer shoes when you could swear they already have two, now you know a little more about why they need all those different pairs simply to play the same game.

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