adidas Ace Trans Pro Goalkeeper Gloves


adidas Ace Trans Pro Goalkeeper Gloves

Get The Protection You Need To Feel Confident In The Net

Make the save like a pro wearing the adidas Ace Trans Pro Goalkeeper Gloves. Whether soccer balls are coming at you from the left or right, high or low, or straight at you, these soccer goalkeeper gloves are designed to help you keep the ball out of the net. Two types of foam combine to offer the best finger grip as well as optimal shock absorption on the palm for the best finger grip. Offering a tight, snug fit and a stretch strap for fine-tuning the fit to provide the best stability, these goalie gloves are ideal for players at all levels.

adidas Ace Trans Pro Goalkeeper Gloves feature:

  • Specifically engineered zonal areas on the glove for perfect catch, deflect, hold and throw
  • Two layers of latex foam are engineered together to provide a seamless transition and one homogenous palm
  • Negative cut provides a tight, snug fit
  • Without restrictive seams, the close-fitting bandage perfectly fits most wrists
  • Features a stretch strap that provides individual fit adjustments for the best stabilization

This product is no longer available

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